Sunday, October 11, 2015

Timely repair of PDF file steps towards optimal PDF management

Have you ever thought of a digital computer file format that can do most of your work online on different PDA (Personal digital assistant)? Yes, PDF file is that miracle virtual file which is endowed with unmatched qualities. Being a universal file format, PDF aka Portable Document Format file is the brainchild of Adobe System. PDF was mainly created in the year 1991 and came into existence for digital printing along with features like portability, secure environment and quick access. Now over the passage of past two decades, PDF has revolutionized complete digital communication by minimizing paperwork with “Think Green & Live green” slogan making planet environment friendly. Virtual communication in the form of e-book writing, making e-brochures, photo-albums, business presentations and many more makes PDF file format worthwhile for wide usage.

Pros and cons of PDF

Advantages Overview
  • Creating a PDF file is no big deal as it can be created in a jiffy in just no time by using a commercial ware, the Adobe Acrobat tool that is intensively used for creating and editing these files.
  • PDF in itself is enriched with various security parameters that make it more secured.
  • The plus point with using a PDF file is its flexibility to be compressed and compacted for utilizing more space on system’s hard drive and providing an ease in transfer over network.
  • You can publish electronic documents like e-book, e-magazine and many more for digital reading.
  • It can be shared on diverse Operating system platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and many more.

Although PDF file is blessed with useful features, but sometimes these plus points are overshadowed with some glitches like the file becomes inaccessible due to corruption. In such situation, either a PDF file gets failed to open or Adobe Reader stops responding. Whenever we try to open a corrupt PDF file, certain error messages pop up that show symptoms of probable corruption in PDF files.

Common message alerts of PDF corruption:
  • "Unable to open PDF files"
  • “File is corrupt or damaged.”
  • “There was an error in opening and reading the PDF document.”
  • “The file is damaged and cannot be repaired.”
  • “The root object is missing.”
  • “Files contain unrecognizable corrupted information.”

PDF file can be impaired due to some sort of software or hardware failures. As we are known by the very fact that no computer file is immune to corruption, same happens with PDF file that is vulnerable to corruption. So whenever a PDF file is impaired, users receive error messages to take timely quick steps in saving crucial information in the file.

Various causes for PDF corruption
  • Being inflicted by virus or Malware attacks.
  • Storage media corruption can play havoc in PDF file management as the PDF file becomes inaccessible and gets impaired. 
  • Most of us are in the habit of improper shut down of system, this could happen on sudden power outage which can simply add to one of the causes of PDF file corruption.
  • Internet connection failure during uploading or downloading of PDF file over network. 
  • PDF can get impaired due to software or hardware failure glitch.
  • Human errors in improper handling of PDF file.

How can we get back impaired PDF and fix corrupt PDF file?

File corruption is one of the common scenarios faced by most of the computer users and losing vital information in the form of important corrupted PDF cannot be imagined. Once the PDF file gets corrupted, it cannot be repaired manually. Such situations can be averted if we have taken a proper backup of our file but do we have any other solution in case we have not taken back up. Yes then we can resort to third-party PDF recovery software. Software market enterprise offers wide range of PDF recovery software to choose from, in order to repair pdf file. Choosing the right kind of most reliable PDF recovery software is hard nut to crack. In such situation, you can check the demo version of the software for evaluating the features and functions of the utility.

Best proven PDF Recovery software is one of a kind advanced recovery tool that perform seamless repair of PDF file and fix damaged PDF file. The software recovers maximum possible data from PDF files while fixing any level of corruption ranging from moderate or severe corruption. The software employs efficient recovery algorithm to restore multiple PDF files simultaneously and allows users to save all the recovered output at user-specific location. The software application is interactive and intuitive enhanced with simplifies GUI and is an easy-to-understand application that does not require any technical expertise. Demo version is provided for free evolution of the software. Get to know more about this software by visiting SysInfoTools’ website and download the free demo version of this software.